Welcome at, the gate to the M7x0 open source software.

This gate should offer all developers and users of the open source software a platform concerning the DVB Set-top Boxes. We hope this helps us to discuss the possibilities and diffentent varieties openly which these boxes can offer.

One of our main focusses shall be the VDR-project. It was started to import the VDR completely onto this platform to offer a free alternative to the original firmware.

There is also enough space for more projects, web-cvs for your developments as well as a wiki for webspace. This should increase the chances to find more people interested in this field.

Other projects that have already been started:



The new forum of our spanish vdr-m7x0 friends.


The vdr-open7x0-team proudly presents the next generation of ouer vdr firmware. Board link

November 11, 2006

"Box in the papers!"
Today, an article about our "beloved" box is published by c't, a german magazine for hard- and software. Author of this article is Dirk Clemens, better known as Lemmi.
Discuss this on the board.

13. Juni 2006

June 13, 2006

Preview VDR 1.4 for M7x0 published with

June 11, 2006

TVBrowser Plugin 1.01 for TV-Browser 2.2 published with

May 20, 2006

CridManager 1.4.0 und TVBrowser Plugin 1.0 published with

March 18, 2006

2.02.24.lemmi-01/02 Firmware published with

March 17, 2006

New board style/homepage style avaliable.